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Saturday, March 13, 2010

This week in Daniland - March 7 - 13 2010

Here is this week's wrap up! 

Cool Beans Clip of the Week:

First ever live performance of Lazy Sunday by Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell, widely believed to be the first web vid to go viral.  Chris Parnell of Saturday Night Live fame was a guest on Late Night monday.  Jimmy Fallon got he and Andy Samberg together for a performance that can only be called EPIC! 

Throw back LOL of the week:

I have been a long time fan of Whose Line is it Anyway?, both the US and Brittish versions.  The other night I felt a bit nostalgic and decided to hit up YouTube and watch a few old clips.  Here is one of my favs...

Redbox Reccommendation of the week:

I'm surprising myself with this, but I actually reccommend The Time Traveler's Wife.  I kind of just happened upon watching it, but I must say I really enjoyed it.  It isn't just the chick flick love story I was expecting.  There are elements of chick flickery for sure, but it also takes a rather raw look at human emotion.  The acting was impeccable and the effects were beautifully done.  Definitely worth $1.00

I also wanted to take a second to talk about Wish Lists on Amazon.com:
If you haven't yet, you should for sure look into them.  You just scroll through the amazon store and anything you see that you want, you click add to wish list.  This list is public so anyone can just type your name into the search bar and find your list.  It is a great tool for people like me who never know what to buy for birthdays, etc. It is important to note that Amazon doesn't just have books, they have EVERYTHING!  Also, it's not like you have to buy the items from Amazon.  You can use the list to get an idea what your friends and family need/want and go buy it wherever you choose.  I highly reccommend that you encourage the people in your life to utilize this.  It's fantastic! 

Well that's it for this week, unless of course I get to see Alice in Wonderland tonight.  Then you can expect a review tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everyone and remember if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with...lol thank you Stephen Stills!

New Features

First of all I want to thank my loyal followers, I'm up to three now - Woo Hoo, for being patient while I try and figure this whole blog thing out.  I've decided that every Saturday I am going to do a wrap up of the previous week.  This will include a few things I think are fun.  For instance, a cool beans clip of the week, a throwback lol moment, and a redbox reccomendation.  I hope you all enjoy.  :)